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This website is a platform where information related to ‘Africa’s Extractive Industries’ and ‘Human Rights’ is shared. It serves to inform interested people and parties about the nexus between extractives and people. Africa’s extractive industry is in rapid change and has the possibility to contribute to Africa’s economic growth and the increase of her citizens’ wealth. However, attention should be paid to human right abuses and other wrongdoings in order to make sure every person will prosper from the extractive industry sector.

You can find information here about the country’s activities by selecting them on the map. There you can see what the country is producing and find links to reports from the African Commission and Human Rights Watch. There is also the possibility to see which NGOs are working in a particular country as well as their work areas. Background and more in-depth information can be found under the "Resources" heading. Policy papers, mining law and court cases are just a few examples of available information.

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